brand story
In the UK, developing strong reading habits in children is one of the most important educational goals. It's well recognized reading has a crucial role to play in creating independent learners and literacy promotion. It can also help children groom their personality. The UK's education philosophy enforcing creativity and self-leaning, and well established social education environment are respected and considered as an educational standard worldwide. Nistulgrow is trying to develop not just products but an educational environment that reflect the UK's education philosophy where children grow together increasing creativity and learning habits.
Design and new technological developments are led from the UK and Korea, whilst manufacturing takes place in Taiwan. Collectively we have over 20 years of experience, in producing ‘High End’, ergonomic Children’s and general office furniture.Production materials and all processes, comply fully with the World’s most stringent regulations, such as the EU & US, hazard & safety standards for office furniture. Environmental protection is also a very important part of our achievements & goals, we ensure that materials & the manufacturing process conform, in protecting the environment.